Sizes are stated in the product page and this will help you decide what you need to order. We size all products based off the width or the height, whichever is larger. California is based on the height, while Oklahoma is based on the width.

If you are ordering letters, we size them based on the height of the shortest letter you order for a word or name. For example:

  • Ace – would be sized off the c
  • ace – would be all the same size, unless the font offers different size “short” letters
  • Billy would be sized off the B
  • colton – would be sized off the c
  • YEEHAW – would be sized so that all letters are the same height
  • ┬áSingle letters – will be sized to what you order.

If you are unsure or have a limited amount of space, please contact us. We will need to know the letters, font style, single or connected and if you have a specific size to fit the letters into.

The most common issue with building a sign or fitting letters into a specific spot is the width. If you are using all uppercase letters, you can often figure the letters will be as wide as tall. Then you will need to have space in between the letters. For example, EMPLOYEE in Georgia font will not fit onto a 6 foot long board at 10 inches tall.